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Fees are decided on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the "Former Attorney's Fees Regulations of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations", considering all the factors involved, such as the complexity, the time required, the financial benefit to be gained of the case. 

費用/Fees: サービス

3 その他/Others





Criminal Cases・・・for retainer, 330,000 yen~(tax included)

Drafting a Will・・・depending on the situation and amount of assets, 55,000 yen~(tax included)

House Lawyer advisory contract・・・ depending on the situation, 33,000 yen /per month~(tax included)

Corporate advisory contract・・・ depending on the situation, 55,000 yen /per month~(tax included)


For details, we will explain at the consultation. Please also refer to the "Former Attorney's Fees Regulations of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations."

1 法律相談/Legal Consultation


We do not charge a consultation fee if we agree to take the case.

2 民事事件・労働事件・家事事件/Civil, Labor, Family 






※The minimum retainers are; 220,000 yen(with tax) for negotiation and 330,000 yen(with tax) for mediation and lawsuits.

※The difference of retainers will be charged when the case moves from negotiation to mediation and lawsuit.

※Actual expenses such as judicial costs, copies, transportation, and communication costs would be charged separately.

​※Court appearance fees may be charged depending on the case.

​※Based on the above, we will propose a fee considering the circumstances of each case.

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