Process of Service




Please let us know by phone or through the inquiry form the date and time you prefer for your counseling, and a  simple explanation about your problem. Telephone counseling is also available if you have difficulty in coming to our office. The fee for telephone counselling is same as face-to-face counselling.




Please come to our office on the date and time for counseling. It usually takes about 1-2 hours for counseling,  depending on the complexity of the issue.

It would be helpful if you could send us relevant documents by e-mail or FAX beforehand, especially in case of telephone counseling.

Counselling fees are 5,000 yen per 30 min.




After the counseling, we would propose solutions for your problem with estimates of fees and expenses. When both you and we agree with the terms and conditions for the engagement contract, we would sign the contract.

Counseling fee would be included in the retainer fee when an engagement contract is made.




We would start processing the case after the payment of retaining fee. We would confirm your intention in each stage of the procedure when necessary.




When the case is concluded, we would hand over all the relevant documents to you in return for the payment of remuneration and clearance of actual expenses.